Shipping info

Hello everyone! Thank you for being interested in my store!

All the products will be sent via ordinary mail. 

We are living in a hard situation with Covid. We may get confinated due this, or it can cause delays, customs issues, etc. If anything happens I'll do my best to inform the affected as much as I can. 

(In case there is a problem with the adress you give me or for any reason I get the product back I won't sent it again for free, you'll have to pay the shipping again, so be sure all the info is correct!)

If there is any problem with your order before shipping, please contact me as soon as possible here:

Products won't be tracked. I'll send the package by standard shipping, so I won't be able to send you a tracking for your order.

Orders will be sent on late December, once the preorders of both merch and enamel pins from the kickstarter are done. I'll be informing you via social media, but again, if you have any question just send me an email (don't be afraid/shy!)

There is a PDF version for the artbook. To get it you have to make an order just for the artbook and use the "PDF only" on the shipping options. Remember that is just for the  PDF version of the artbook. 

Thank you so much for everything.